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It’s no secret that you have been daydreaming and looking forward to your wedding day since you were young. However, men sometimes are not too excited about the big day and may seem “disinterested or eager to agree with your choice. Don’t forget it’s his day too and needs to be more than just “there” Here are a few easy tips to involve your future husband in the planning process;

  1. Let  him search for his own ring

He may not know the style, width, or engraving he wants yet to give him a chance to go through all the selections till he finds his perfect fit. Even if it’s not your kind of taste, let him have it, after all, he’s the one who will wear it every day so let him LOVE it.

2. Let him choose the after-party entertainer

This one has to be on top of the list. YES! You heard me. Most guys love music and are obsessed with it and your future husband will not be an exception. Let him live his world by giving him the right over the party entertainer or band. Don’t get too worked up over “what if I don’t like his song selections” He’s going to pick the perfect person for the slot, all you need is to trust him.

3. Be open to his suit and accessories selection

Since most grooms goes in for custom-tailored suits, you can agree on the colour but let him decide on the cut, style, fabric and accessories to match it. As soon as you agree on the colours, ask your florist to give him boutonniere options to choose for himself and the groomsmen. Your bouquet shouldn’t necessarily have to match his boutonniere. Trust me anything he picks will be perfect for the big day

4. Planning out the guest list with the bride

To add to the friends and family list you created for the wedding, the groom has to find out who his parents would like to invite with their correct salutations and addresses. He should track down that of his friends as well.

5. Set Time to Plan and Time to Relax

The wedding planning can be a constant topic of discussion and an overwhelming affair for him. Make things much easier for you both by setting times for planning and certain times for relaxing. You may choose to make Tuesday your planning day and Friday your resting day from the decision-making.

One way to get you both more involved and sane is to have fun during the planning process. Laugh over the funny moments! It’s ok to laugh over your mistakes, slips and funny moment. Don’t let the planning take over your lives, Live still goes on.

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